Pistachio " Pesteh" in Persian Language

Annual production: 260,000 tons

Main production Areas: Provinces of Kerman Khorasan Yazd Semnan Ghazvin Central Fars Tehran and isfahan

Main Varieties: Kaleh Ghouchi Ohadi Aghaie Shahpsand Akbari Jandaghi

Annual Export :140,000

Nutritional Value: Every 100 gr )f Iranian Pistachio Contain 600 Kg Calorie 20 to23 percent Pprotein 2.5 to 3.5%mineral like potasiassium.Calicum . Magnesium, Iron and phosohor 40 to 45 % fat and sufficeint amount of vitamins like B1 , B2 and C.

Form of Consumption: Fresh and dried fruiets, Jam and confectionaly indusdries.

Industrial & Medicinal Uses: producction of particle wood from pistashio's wood , gum and organnic felitizer from upper bank of the fruit.


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